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If you need an electronic catalog to keep up with your customer's demands and to stay ahead of competition, you'll like HyperPublish. With this professional, quick and powerful all-in-one environment you can create stunning Web CD DVD product catalogues, and also multimedia brochures, CDs and Web sites... All with a single productive tool, easy to learn and to use! Everything is fully custom. You can create catalogs of your goods, products and services easily: from scratch or you can import from database / CSV, with categories, subcategories and automatic thumbnail images creation. Descriptions, prices, pictures, links, file attachs (e.g. PDF data sheets)... and also audio / video, if you like. You can even place "Add to cart" buttons so that your customers can fill-in an order from inside the catalog (they can print, fax or email the order form): after all, the point of having a catalog is not only to show what items you have, but to make sales. HyperPublish's CD catalogs are easy to send or hand out (small, portable. can be quickly replicated) they contain more information than paper catalogs, and are easy to search: there is a full-text search feature (automatic), and a powerful keyword search (you define the keywords). Of course you can print out any page from inside CD - great for folks who don't feel comfortable using CDs or want to take a print copy. Program's low price make this application ideal for small businesses that run operations on a low budget - while its full range of comprehensive features makes it adapt also for medium and big businesses (Rolls Royce UK, Ferodo Mexico and several other big manufacturing firms use it!). Last but not least, you can publish the same document both to the Internet and onto a CD / DVD, without any "conversion". Actually, it is so powerful for the Web that some of our clients use HyperPublish not for catalogs but only as fast web creator tool. Handy, easy to use, professional and powerful.

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